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Auto parts require special packaging and care when transporting. They are often oddly shaped and heavy, which can require a unique solution to get the product shipped without issue. If you want to ship auto parts quickly and efficiently but don't know where to begin, PGA can help you with shipping auto parts to anywhere in the world.

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Whether you are a manufacturer shipping mufflers, windshields, or tires, PGA can help you with the regular shipping needs your company requires. Working with PGA for freight shipping services you can rely on our integrated services to ensure that your parts make it to their destination. Many large auto parts have special handling requirements making freight the only way to transport large automobile parts. PGA is the expert when you are looking to ship or receive any parts for your vehicle.

Why we recommend air freight for auto parts

Auto parts are high-value commodities, they are usually time-sensitive in nature. Shipping by ocean is practical but it doesn't always meet the needs of the receiver. Sometimes the best mode of transportation is by air. Buyers who order parts usually need them urgently to fix their vehicles complete the job to get the vehicles back on the road.

Here are some reasons why air is preferred for auto parts shipping:

Air is the fastest shipping method for time-sensitive items

It is safer when it comes to the risk of theft and damage

Less packaging is required.

The departure and arrival times make air the most reliable shipping method

Airfreight is very convenient for auto parts that are not large

Airfreight requires lower insurance premiums

You can ship anywhere

The process can more complicated than shipping other items, especially regarding customs clearance and required forms. You can trust the process to PGA for all your auto part shipping needs.

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