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Packaging Industry

Many companies consider the packaging of their products to be a form of communication with their customers. Besides protecting the item inside the packaging, it is a marketing tool that gives information on the product as well as promotes it. The more visually pleasing a package, the more customers it attracts.

Several different materials are used for packaging as well as packing, the most common being plastics, paper boards, and aluminum. These materials have to be sturdy and durable. There are two important aspects to packaging and packing – the technical aspects and the promotional aspects.

Custom packaging solutions

Packaging forms a key aspect of logistics to ensure that a product moves safely through the supply chain. Custom packaging solutions have significance because the type of packaging depends on multiple factors such as the products to be packaged, the shipping distance and the shipping mode. In the case of international shipping, the packaging should also comply with the regulations in the destination country.

Types of packaging solutions

Packaging solutions may be tailor-made or standardized based on customer needs and product specifications. Some of the common packaging solutions include:

Corrugated board

Flexible packaging

Folding carton

Bag-in-box packaging

Skin packaging boards

Child-resistant packaging

Shipping or transport cartons

Corrugated stationery boxes



Inner packaging solutions such as blocking and filling, bubble wraps, foams, cushioning, fibre flute and thermoformed trays are also essential to ensure the protection of products.

Product dimensions, transport specifications, as well as the risks that a product may face within the supply chain such as vibrations, shocks and climatic conditions, should be considered when designing and choosing a packaging solution.

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