Refrigerated Shipping

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Refrigerated Shipping

We know that refrigerated shipping plays an important role in the global economy since it’s the only way to prevent product deterioration in transit. Fresh produce, dairy, meat products, and pharmaceutics rely on refrigerated transportation every day.

Refrigerated (or reefer) shipping and trucking is the transportation method of moving temperature-controlled goods. In reefer shipping, freight is loaded and transported in trailers with built-in refrigeration systems and climate control.

There is always a high demand for fresh products, like dairy, meat, fruits, and vegetables. This means refrigerated trucking is always in high demand and we meet these needs regardless of the season. Produce shippers rely on this transportation method as the only way to deliver their products fresh and safe.

Refrigerated containers have special protection from sun and rain apart from built-in refrigeration systems. Also, there is a strict compliance policy for reefer carriers, so it is a safe and reliable way to move temperature-sensitive goods.

Apart from food and beverage, refrigerated trucking serves many different industries. Reefers are often used for transporting pharmaceuticals, flowers, plants, cosmetics, and fine art. This makes refrigerated a highly sought-after shipping option and fast-growing sector of the transportation industry.

Advances in technology let reefer trailers adjust to the required temperature. You can also monitor shipment temperature, humidity, and other factors in real-time.


The refrigerated cargo industry relies very heavily on consistency. The world will always require sustenance and medicine to survive, the food and pharmaceuticals sectors don't have the luxury of downtime. Our solutions seamlessly manage handovers across the chain, and enable swift decisions based on market trends and opportunities.

Predictable delivery schedules to temperatures maintained at a predetermined constant throughout the cargo's journey is important to meet the growing needs of the industry around the world. We believe the ideal refrigerated shipping solution will give customers end-to-end visibility and transparency of their cold cargo and so much more than simple storage and transportation.


Our experienced team in refrigerated freight will ensure fast and cost-effective solutions to ensure that your refrigerated cargo reaches its destination on time and in peak condition by offering you an unbroken supply chain.

Our network of road transportation partners in North America provides Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less than Truck Load (LTL) alongside a range of value-added services including GPS tracking, air suspension vehicles, temperature controlled trucks, and 24/7 real-time monitoring.

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