Why is shipping so important

Published on Thu, Jan 5, 2023 5:00 PM

Shipping is one of the most important elements of the global economy. Without shipping, commerce would be severely limited, if not impossible. It is the backbone of global trade, allowing goods to move around the world quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Shipping is so essential because it enables business to move beyond the limitation of geography and access markets that otherwise would be impossible to reach.


Simply put, shipping is how businesses get their goods to their desired locations. It is how retailers transport products to their customers, how manufacturers receive raw materials, how services reach their customers, and how wholesalers distribute to retailers. In all of these examples, shipping is the essential link between a company and its customers.

Shipping Drives the World Economy

Shipping is also important for the overall economy in that it helps to reduce costs. Shipping goods across the world takes significantly less time and money than doing so by any other method. It is also cost-effective for companies since they can ship goods in bulk, reducing the associated cost. This cost savings then gets passed on to customers in form of lower prices resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Shipping industry – relevant in the past, present and the future

The shipping industry is one of our oldest industries and still plays an important role in our modern society. Today, over 55,000 cargo ships are active in international trade. The fleet is represented in over 150 countries, crewed with over 1.5 million sailors working around the world. The different types of cargo being transported are goods for consumers, food, raw material, cars and fuel, just to name a few.


Another key benefit of shipping is its ability to create jobs. Shipping requires a large number of people to run the operation, from packers and shippers to dock workers and transportation staff. This creates direct and indirect employment opportunities, as well as helps to boost the local economy by providing a steady stream of jobs.

Shipping impacts the end-quality of your products

Poor shipping practices can negatively impact the customer’s impression of your company. When a product is not shipped on time, it arrives damaged, or worse, the product doesn't make it to its destination, the damage to your company can be irreparable.

Customers Benefit

Shipping also helps to create competition. By allowing products to move around the world quickly, it creates a global market and helps to keep prices low. This is beneficial to both businesses and customers as it allows companies to provide more competitive prices, while customers can find the cheapest deal available.


Last but not least, shipping is important for the environment. Shipping goods by air and sea is significantly more environmentally friendly than other modes of transport. As well as reducing emissions, shipping also helps to reduce waste, as goods can be delivered direct from the source rather than from multiple intermediate warehouses.


In conclusion, shipping is an essential element of the global economy and one of the most important factors in creating jobs, fostering competition, and reducing costs. It is also vital for the environment, allowing goods to move around the world safely, quickly, and efficiently. Without shipping, many of the goods and services we take for granted would not be possible.


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